enriching resources


India is a country of large dimensions. It spreads over a geographical area of 3.29 million square kilometres, which is about 2.5 per cent of the globe and makes the country the seventh largest in the world.

The metallurgical and mineral industries constitute the bedrock of industrial development as they provide the basic raw materials for most of the industries.

The Mineral Policy opened the gates of Indian mineral industry to domestic and foreign investment, much of which was earlier reserved for the public sector. It aims to boost the country’s exploration and mining efforts and render the mineral industry more competitive.


The country is having a well-developed mining sector, which has vast geological potential with over 20,000 known mineral deposits. Significant progress was made in the development of mineral resources in the country which is amply depicted in the appreciation of mineral inventory, an inspiration.

SVC Resources Limited derives inspiration from the benevolence of Mother Nature’s finite resources and aims at Enriching Natural Resources by adding value through exploration, exploitation and trading of minerals through a global network of companies, partners and alliances